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The success achieved by today’s Fashion Company originates with Karl Rose in 1960, when he took over the Austrian textile company, Hermann Krause & CO KG. The business focused mainly on importing and exporting goods sold by the meter.

Gabor Rose entered the business in 1972 and produced trendy women’s blouses under the label “J.P Jones”. The further success of the business continued as more products where introduced to the collection. First, he began producing knitwear and shortly after began the first assembling - which today still is the basis of all the collections. J.P Jones proved progressive trend feelings and back then established the JONES Logo - still being used today.

Gabor Rose opened is first official JONES store in the heart of Vienna in 1997. Within that year more stores were opened. The success of these pilot projects ultimately grew the business further and led to the beginnings of the JONES Franchise system.

The first franchise stores were opened in Dornbirn and Salzburg in 1999. With this new approach to the business, the beginnings of further success were achieved for the small family business.

In 2012 JONES took a step into the digital world and successfully opened the JONES Online store.

Today, Jones runs 39 Stores on its own and offers franchises from 27 JONES stores throughout Austria and Europe. There are over 100 locations present in upscale retail. True passion and love for fashion is important to the whole Rose family.

The fashion label JONES is a real family business, run fully by the Rose Family of two generations.

Doris Rose is the Creative Director and Head of Design for the heart of the fashion label as she is in charge of all the collections. Together with her design team, she creates the 20 colors and trends, all of which are complete within 2/3 weeks and delivered to all the stores. In addition, she also develops and creates season flash programs and the fashionable “must haves”.

Jennifer Rose worked in New York, Strasbourg and Hong Kong and began actively working for the business since 2007. She is responsible for Marketing and the Franchise operations. Jennifer also takes on the role of all accessories and was a big role in the development of creating the JONES Online store. Together with her younger brother Daniel, she began the JONES Home Collection.

Daniel Rose worked for many years at Abercrombie & Fitch and entered the managerial side of the business in 2013. Daniels responsibilities include supervision of the Swiss, Chinese, Polish, and Russian markets. He also plays an active part in the marketing involved in the online store and runs the JONES Home Collection.

Gabor Rose is the CEO of the company and is in charge of production, wholesale, and controlling. He is also directly in involved in Marketing & Sales.

Doris Rose, along with her creative team understand the today’s fashion trends for the everyday life of modern women and is inspired by the trends in cities such as Milan and Paris. Functionality, Quality, and portability with a very unique twist are some of the most important criteria for each JONES collection.

Jones translates high quality trends into their collections today by observing the international trends, without having to sacrifice the individuality of the Jones designs. Four collections and two flash programs annually provide customers with a wide range of different looks.

Four collections and two flash programs annually provide customers with a wide range of different looks.

The confection is the heart of the collection from which also the basis of which the casual designs are produced.

Doris Rose overlooks each item personally and tries every single item on. She monitors the process from prototyping all the way to production. This very personal quality management ensures comfort and the perfect fit, an element all Jones customers appreciate.

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