The foundations for Jones Fashion were laid by Karl and Magda Rose in the 1960s with the import and export of goods sold by the meter and the production of aprons.

Gabor Rose expanded the range of products 1972 and founded the label ‘J. P. Jones’ with the production of trendy women’s blouses. These iconic blouses and their quick success led to the expansion of the collection with knitted sweaters and cardigans. Shortly afterwards, they began to develop and tailor trousers, blazers and dresses. J. P. Jones became a supplier of trendy women's fashion.

In 1997 the first 3 Jones Stores opened in Vienna and the label J.P. Jones was changed to J o n e s. The imminent success of this pilot project was the basis for the further development of the company: The Jones Franchise System. Every year 8-10 new Jones Stores are built and opened, some in-house, some in franchise, in Austria, Slovenia, Germany and Liechtenstein.

In 2012 Jones goes digital - the Jones Online Store is established.

A state-of-the-art system of distribution is implemented in 2017: The Jones Concession Concept is created. The goods are assigned to each store and each partner store by the respective brand manager every 14 days. The goods are made available to the partner free of charge, billing takes place every Monday on the basis of the items sold in the previous week. This system enables flexible store inventory regardless of the conventional order and collection dates.


The heart of every fashion company is of course the collection. Quality, comfort, wearability with an individual touch and great attention to detail are the attributes of every Jones collection.
20 sets a year (delivered every 14 days) offer Jones customers a wide selection. Individual color themes as well as coordinated and combinable fashion are essential trademarks.
Doris Rose checks, personally tries on every single item and supervises the entire process from the fabric to the pattern and production. This very personal quality management ensures comfort and the perfect fit, an element all Jones customers appreciate.


Our world demands conscience and sustainability. We try to do justice to this idea with the following means:

  • Materials: to a large extent we use natural fabrics and fibers. Cotton, viscose (made from wood), linen, hemp, wool. These are the main components of our models.
  • Production: we produce 85% of our goods in the European EU area. Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Turkey are our main production countries for clothing, blouses, T-shirts, shoes, bags and accessories. This also means ecologically important, short transport routes. Leather jackets are made in Pakistan and parts of the knitwear collections are made in China.
  • Gabor Rose: "We value and respect the preliminary work in production, especially the seamstresses, and attach great importance to fair, performance-based remuneration."
  •  Doris Rose: “And of course, in our internal dealings with our dear employees, we always strive to exemplify and lead a good and amicable working atmosphere. We thank all of our great Jones girls and Jones boys for every joint workday."


The fashion label Jones is a real “couple business”, run by Gabor and Doris Rose with a lot of heart and passion.
Doris Rose, Partner, Head of Design and Creative Director.
Gabor Rose, Managing partner.