Jones is a franchise system.Our focus is to use synergies for optimal task distribution. Inintensive cooperation with you, we deliver a turnkey project store. Youfind financing and operate the store as en independent entrepreneur. With Jones you get the security of an established brand aswell as professional support with stock flow, marketing, financialcontrolling and staff training.


  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • personal dedication as a JONES Store executive manager (sales management)
  •  experience in the textile industry and/or a great affinity for fashion customer
  • focus a team player within the JONES network and adherence to the JONES CI guidelines
  • seed capital

Jones is a member of the Austrian Franchise Association and abides by their guidelines.

For further information, please contact:
Please always supply a telephone number with your application.

Retail Trade

Rose Gesellschaft mbH, the company that owns Jones – the brand founded in 1972 – is athird generation family business. In response to market conditionsand competitors, the company is pragmatic and commits itself, throughexperience, skills and adaptability, to maintaining and expanding it'smarket share in a controlled manner in the Modern Woman Premiumsegment.
The company's goal is to act as a leader in its segment, throughflexibility, a keen feel for market developments and consistent brandmanagement.To do this, the business builds on the loyalty of its customers, whomit values greatly. Customer care is taken very seriously.
Jones offers the following models of cooperation to retailers, in the shapeof soft shops. The details of these are customized to suit eachindividual operation.

  • Support during the planning of the ranges
  • Optimal stock placement for the shop layout and subsequent deliveries, while stocks last (optional)
  • Controlling Visual Merchandising
  • Seasonal collection
  • training sessions
  • Graphic design services for adverts and advertising tools
  • High quality advertising materials
  • Direct marketing support
  • Event marketing and promotions

Mag. Gabor Rose
 Modecenterstrasse 22/A4
1030 Vienna Austria