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Do you still have questions about our range or would you like further information about the Jones brand?

Please fill in the contact form below or call us on our hotline. We would love to assist you.

Rose Gesellschaft m.b.H.                    Modecenterstraße 22/A4
A-1030 Wien

Tel. AT:  0810 - 9005009 **
Tel. DE: 01802 - 987789 **
Tel. SI: 080 - 2702

** Calls to the Austrian hotline cost € 0,0091/min from landline, and € 0,1532/min from cellular network. For the German hotline a fee of € 0.06 per call will be charged. Waiting lines are free of charge.

Rose Gesellschaft m. b. H.| Modecenterstraße 22/A4, A-1030 Wien | Tel.: 0810.9005009